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Cannabis Essentials

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Cultivated Solutions offers interactive, easy-to-use online courses. We work hard to provide our students with a dynamic learning experience. Our courses reflect the most recent information on cannabis.  Whether you’re interested in learning about methods of cannabis use, employment opportunities, or passionate about learning, our courses have something for you.  We provide the knowledge necessary to thrive in an emerging industry. Learn at your own pace, study from anywhere, and get certified. Show recruiters you care enough to invest in yourself. 
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Cannabis Essentials

This is the quintesitial cannabis education course. Whether you are a lifelong cannabis pro or a first-time user, this course has something for you. Equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to thrive in the cannabis industry.

How it works:

Enroll today and get instant access to the Cannabis Essentials online course. Complete the course and quizzes within three months to recieve your certification. The course is setup for your to learn at your own pace and complete the lessons whenebver you get a chance.

What You Get:

Upon completion of the course you will recieve a  Cannabis Essentials Certification in the mail. As a alumnist from Cultivated Solutions you will recieve updates on the course materials. More and more research is being conducted into cannabis each day. There will be new information in the future that we would like to share.


This course provides a general overview of many aspects of cannabis. It was designed for anyone that wants to learn about cannabis or may be interested in starting a career in a new and exciting industry.
The learn the differences between male and female cannabis plants. We also discuss the different parts of the cannabis plant of interest to users. This includes Trichomes, Flowers, and even the Stems.
Interested in learning about the differences between cannabis and hemp? We not only outline the differences but also outline the benefits of hemp products. Hemp products are readily available and have many uses. Not only is hemp a superfood but it also has robust fibers. Did you know wars have been fought over hemp?
Legalization brings many new and exciting cannabis products to the market. Learn about their differences and how to have fun safely. It can be challenging to find the right products for your needs. This course was designed to help you make sense of the diverse product offering available.
Consumption Methods
The modern user can limit their exposure to harmful smoke by exploring other cannabis consumption methods. Learn about why edibles produce an experience that is very different from inhalaing cannabis. We teach users about the differing times to effect and durations of cannabis consumptoin methods like ingestion, inhalation and topicals.
Successfully complete this course and get certified. Earn a certificate that you will proudly display. Show employers that you are a dedicated and interested in starting a career.
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Retail Cannabis Consultant Certification

The Cannabis Essentials course is meant to be a crash course for anyone interested in learning more about cannabis. If you are interested in working in a cannabis store then you should take our second course The Retail Cannabis Consultant Certification (RCCC). It will be online in early May. The RCCC will cover all the materials in Cannabis Essentials. It will also contain sections on Customer Service, Risk Management, Ethics, and much more.

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